Welcome to the pages dedicated to FöVe, the association promoting TCI training for Young Adults.

On the following pages, you will find information about training in Theme-Centered Interaction according to Ruth C. Cohn (TCI) for young adults aged 18 to 27, as well as about our association and contact persons.

The FöVe association’s aim is to make the concept of TCI known among young adults and give them the opportunity to train in TCI if they wish.  

Theme-Centered Interaction strengthens young persons in their capacity to think and act autonomously. This is achieved on the basis of humanistic values. TCI makes us capable of analyzing, planning and shaping group processes. It can be applied in the most diverse professional fields when leading groups and teams or teaching classes: in social institutions, church organizations, educational institutions, corporate enterprises and schools.

In order to provide support in this respect to young persons who have not yet completed their education, FöVe offers info workshops and basic training at significantly discounted rates. Among other things, this gives young adults the opportunity to complete an additional professional qualification.