Professional Journal

Twice a year, the Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI-international brings out a professional journal, "Themenzentrierte Interaktion - theme-centered interaction". The journal is published by Psychosozial Verlag (Walltorstr. 10, 35390 Gießen, Germany).

Members of RCI receive the journal automatically at no charge, along with login data for the digital version.

Non-members can order the journal and several articles directly through the publisher Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Journals that were published before 2017 can be ordered through Psychosozial-Verlag.

The TCI Journal contains the following categories:

  • Main topic (varies)
  • Theory and conception
  • Practise
  • Specific subjects
  • Open for discussion
  • Findings
  • Book reviews

Writing for the professional journal TCI practitioners confront scrutiny and continuative reflection. Requirements rooted in the work with TCI are treated on a theoretical level to get impulse for your TCI development. Practical examples from economy, administration, college, school, church, social pedagody, supervision and other fields are put up for discussion. Other concepts and methods are reflected within the scope of TCI.

Call for contributions to issue 2/2022: Moving on to the next generation

To the older generation handing over means: relinquishing responsibility, moving away from the center of action to the sidelines, regaining freedom. The younger generation needs the courage to take on responsibility, to have faith in their views although they have little experience to go on, and they must be prepared to make commitments, the consequences of which may be difficult for them to anticipate. The shift in emphasis resulting from having new and primarily younger people at the helm is therefore perceived ambivalently. At the same time there are also projects which recognize the great benefit of collaboration and joint learning between younger and older individuals. The RCI, too, is faced with the issue of how to pass TCI on to future generations in a sustainable way.

We would welcome contributions on the following aspects: How can we shape transition processes? What happens when the personalities who founded a company or an organization leave? How can potential conflicts arising from rapid developments or radically new approaches be dealt with effectively – as in the case of climate change, digitalization and gender- and identity policy? Where are examples for good cooperation between generations to be found?

Please submit your contributions to by February 1st, 2022.


Writing for the TCI-Journal?

We would be pleased to receive articles as a file in German and English on both the general categories and the main topics. The editorial team decides on the inclusion of an article in the journal by mutual agreement. You can find out more about the admission criteria for articles and formal requirements on our homepage or indirect contact to members of the editorial staff:

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