Dates and Costs

Here you can download dates of and costs for Basic Training and Info-Workshops 2020/2021 (in German language).
Alternatively, you can also find the information below (less detailed).

Dates for the Info Workshops

“Leading groups in a lively fashion – how is it done? Get to know and experience Theme-Centered Interaction.”

Nr. 9201, Feb 28 - Mar 02, 2020
Nr. 9272, Feb 26 - 28, 2021

Cost of the Info Workshop

The course fee for this weekend comes to 50 EUR.
The cost of room and board depends on the rates charged by the seminar house hosting the event.

Dates for Basic training

“Living Leadership – Based on a Method”

Nr. 9202, start: Mar 27, 2020
Nr. 9203, start: July 3, 2020

Nr. 9273, start: Jan 8, 2021
Nr. 9274, start: Oct 8, 2021

Cost of Basic Training

Course fees for the decision workshop (DMWS) come to 50.- EUR,
for the other courses we charge: 80 EUR for participants who do not have an income and 110 to 500 EUR for those already earning their own living  (subject to agreement).
With participants who already have an income, a corresponding rate is agreed upon and included in their contract.

The final fee for the certificate is 50 Euro for members of an RCI member association. Non-members pay an additional "infrastructure fee" of 120 Euro, i.e. a total of 170 Euro.

Course fees paid by those who have not yet completed their education cover only the expenses of the members of the leadership team, who work free of charge.

The cost of room and board is based on the rates charged by the seminar house hosting each individual event (more detailed information is included in individual course descriptions). We always make an effort to find venues where accommodation is inexpensive.

In special cases, a contribution toward room and board can be applied for from the Ruth Cohn Foundation.

If you would like to register, please enter the relevant course number here and click on “suchen” ("search"). The page is only in German language. Alternateively you can contact Heide Greving (contact details below).

Please make sure to register for only one Basic Training course and/or only one Info Workshop. 
Should you cancel your participation, or if other registrations lapse due to a confirmation, you will be required to pay cancellation fees.

Advice and further information:
Heidi Greving