Basic Training in Theme-Centered-Interaction after Ruth C. Cohn

Over a period of two years and on 30 group days, the basics of group processes and leadership tasks are conveyed and the further development of personal and social potential is enhanced (five weeks (usually containing five days) in one and the same group, as well as five days in a group of the trainee’s own choice).

Prior to the beginning of basic training, potential trainees attend a decision workshop, which gives participants the opportunity to get to know each other and to make a decision, resulting from a process of dialogue, with respect to participation in a “fixed training scheme”. At the end of this weekend, participants can decide to commit to registering as trainees – based on a contract to be concluded between the training leadership and the individual participant.

“Living Leadership – Based on a Method”

Decision-Making Workshop (DMWS – one weekend)
introduction – overview – decision

Personality Course 1
I wasn’t born yesterday – my personality and its development

Method Course 1
Attitude and Methods belong together– Leadership based on TCI

Personality Course 2
I am my own toolbox – personality and leadership

Method Course 2
The path of a group – including the stones we stumble over

Method Course 3 / Certificate Workshop
At the end of my training – where do I stand?!
Looking back, reviewing achievements and applying them

The training course in a fixed group leads to the Certificate in Basic Training in TCI. No previous knowledge nescessary.

Persons with an immigrant background are particularly welcome.

These courses are offered at significantly discounted rates.

Here you can download information about TCI-training for Young Adults 2018/2019 (in German language)
Specific dates including prices can be found at DATES AND COSTS.

Further information
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